We are a small design group with big ideas. Our current lineup is: designers Peter Curzon and Dan Abbott and photographer Rupert Truman, with Laura Truman overseeing the office. StormStudios formed around 30 years ago when Storm Thorgerson left Hipgnosis. He was soon joined by Peter Curzon and Rupert Truman and later by Dan Abbott who have been key to the design and implementation of all our imagery in that time. Sadly Storm passed away in 2013. He left the business in our hands, and we continue to make album covers, books, fine art prints etc.

This is the core of what we do.
A few of the bands we've been working with recently: The Answer, Biffy Clyro, Kim Churchil, Kan Wakan, Korda Marshall, Leisure Cruise and Pink Floyd. We design the whole package from the cover art through to logos, typefaces, the booklets, box sets, labels etc etc.

The Gathering Storm - 'A Quartet in Several Parts'. A retrospective spanning Storm's entire career, the book commences with Storm's first album cover for Pink Floyd's 'A Saucerful of Secrets' in 1968, running over four decades of work right up to this year's Dark Side of The Moon 40th anniversary print. The book is available to purchase here.

We've redesigned Mind Over Matter and added extra pages to reflect the artwork that's been made for the Pink Floyd since the last version. This will hit the shops in January, and can be pre ordered on Amazon.

We're as busy as ever with exhibitions. A Storm retrospective, 'After the Storm' is open at La Paletta dell'Artigiano in Belsize Park (this was one of Storm's favourite restaurants).

In the past few years, we have exhibited in London (The Proud Archivist, The RAC Club, The Olympus Gallery), Budliegh Salterton, Jersey, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, Norway, Mexico City, Monza, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Keep an eye out on our facebook page and/or in our newsletter for news of upcoming exhibitions.

This year, much work went into the Floyd's Mortal Remains exhibition which has now been cancelled in Italy....

THE PRINTS are made to exacting standards by experienced craftsmen. Brad Faine at Coriander made prints for a select group of artists that includes Damien Hirst and Sir Peter Blake - you can expect the highest standards. Our collaboration with them (now Coriander and Curwen) continues with two new Big Prints (60 inches square) and a lenticular this autumn. We've also had a long relationship with Stuart Nicholls at Rockarchive, who prints many of our giclee images, as well as images by many other visual artists and rock photographers. StormStudios prints are made at the studio, using similar machines to those used by Coriander and Curwen (but smaller...) using archival inks and papers.

The images are presented on the website in a stylised way as part of the design of the site. Above and below are examples of what the prints look like, and the proportions of the image to the printed page that you can expect. The proportions are given next to each image on it's individual page.

FINE ART PRINTS are made direct from original artwork as either silkscreen or giclee. All fine art prints are strictly limited in number (the edition size), and signed and numbered by the artist, namely Storm Thorgerson. All fine art prints are printed on archival paper with long lasting inks. So long as they are kept in interior conditions and not left in the garden or direct sunlight, they are said to last (remain colour true) for a hundred years at least.

SILKSCREENS are produced in a traditional manner using mezzotint screens. Colours are applied one upon another to build up the image. Special colours, glazes, embossing and debossing are applied later via matts. Silkscreen prints tend to have a cachet and a quality that is slightly more painterly or “art-like.”

GICLEE fine art prints are the modern digital equivalent of silkscreen and are printed on a very large and sophisticated Epson machine using long lasting inks and special long lasting archival papers. Colour balance is finely tuned via Photoshop before test prints are made. Giclees tend to have a more photographic quality, but equally must not be left in direct sunlight or in the garden – they are said to last (remain colourfast) around a hundred years.

We are making a foray into lenticulars along with Coriander and Curwen and Prof Martin Richardson who is developing lenticular technology at De Montfort University. These give theillusion of depth to the image, so, for example in Bingo, our first lenticular, the foreground figure appears in front of the image plane, with the second figure behind, and the buildings receding into the distance. This technique really gives the image another dimension! Our images are reworked to put the different elements on different depth layers within the software, and then printed in a way that, when bonded to the lenticular lens and displayed, gives a very good illusion of three dimensionality.

It seems that circles are not hugely popular in the field of fine art but we don't know why.. Our series of circle prints explores the merit of a circular picture and comprises designs intended to be circular as well as those that suit being circular, including album covers, singles, labels, posters etc. as well as some designs that were rejected but we think are quite good. The initial price is set at a very reasonable level since they are a good deal smaller than our usual prints and we are not sure how they will be received since circular images are not so common place.

If you'd like to be kept up to date with exhibition openings and what's going on generally, go to our facebook page and 'like' us! Or you can sign up to our newsletter (and view past issues).



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